Do u Believe in VEDAS


Do u Believe in VEDAS, if U R Not Blind and u think its true den pl read

do u know who is kalki avataar,the lord had sent him on this earth to destroy the evil things from earth
do u believe in Vedas, if u r not blind and u think its true den pl read

::Uttarayan Vedas::

" La Ilha Harti Papam
Illa Ilaha Param Padam
Janma Baikuntha Par Aup-inuti
Janpi Namo Muhammadam "

Approximate Meaning:There is no shelter but "La Ilaha ... ... ... ..." to get rid of sin. The shelter of Ilah (Allah) is the actual shelter. If one is born on earth, there is no alternative to getting salvation from sin but to take shelter in Ilah (Allah). And for this, it is essential to follow the path shown by Muhammad.

Atharva-Vedic Upanishad ||9||:

"Aushwa illaley Mitravaruna-Raja Tashmat-Tani Divyani
Punastang Dudhya Habaiyami Milang Kabar Illallang
Alla-rahsul Mahamad Rakang Baraswa
Alla Allam Illallotey Illalla"

Approximate Meaning: At an appropriate time, a Great man named MAHAMMAD will appear, whose abode will be in the desert (Arabia). He will be accompanied by his companions.


"Hotermindra Hotermindra Mahashurindraiy:
Alla Jeyshthang Paramang Purnang Brhman Aullam
Aadalla Bukmekkam Alla Buk Nikhatkam Aulley Aullam."
Translation: The Supreme! The Most Exalted! The Most Powerful is HE. Alla is the best and the Greatest (or Highest). He is the Supreme, Complete and One without any Fault (Error etc.). He us Uncomparable. Alla is Comparable to Alla alone.

by reading all dis u can not absorb it bcz u trapped in misconceptions ::Please All Muslim Brother and Sister Share With All Hindu Brothers And Sister::

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    Please give me information as to when the Vedas were written and by whom.

    April 26, 2012